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Los Angeles is building at a faster pace than the infrastructure is able to handle.

This fact has caused issues throughout Mar Vista. As an At-Large Director, I would work with the MVCC board, the City, and the community to resolve any issue as quickly as possible. As well as work to head off any future problems.

Home Sweet Home

Homes come in all shapes and sizes inside the borders of Mar Vista. Unfortunately, in recent years, it has become harder for them to coexist as well as to find affordable housing.

The Mar Vista residents, who have already contacted me, are ready, willing, and able to join me to find solutions for today's housing needs.


Mar Vista is one of the safer neighborhoods in Los Angeles; yet, everyone would like it to be even safer.

Whether it be crime, traffic safety, or earthquake preparedness, safety is an important part of MVCC's work.

Working to build a safer Mar Vista is something that I look forward to doing with you.

My Job

-To Represent You-

What concerns you? There is no better system of government than one that represents the will of the people. And, there is no greater honor than to be entrusted with the duty of representing the people. If you elect me, it will be my happy duty to be available to you, listen to you, and accomplish your agenda.

Communication is key!

Anonymous ~ "I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."

The above saying was a favorite of my grandfather's. In fact, my grandparents had it written on a plaque that hung in their breakfast room.

While I have never been able to quote it without crib notes, its truth has stayed with me and has proven invaluable.

My premise is that every Stakeholder cares deeply about Mar Vista; therefore, solutions can be built upon this foundation

by the exchanging of ideas, expressing our concerns, and working together to benefit the entire community.


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Except for the above Avatar (that was created by her lovely daughter, isn't she talented?) this website's vision, design, content, creation, and implementation has been the sole work of Kathryn Wheeler. Her hope is that it will grow to serve as one of the avenues to communicate with her Mar Vista neighbors regarding the issues that will directly affect their future in Mar Vista. Other avenues include social media, email, phone, and (the best) face-to-face meetings. Please, feel free to comment, suggest, connect, and stay-in-the-loop via the Keep in Touch Form, Twitter, or Instagram. Additionally, you can find me at any MVCC meeting; check out their calendar for dates, times, and locations.

Mar Vista Park

An ad published on December 5, 1923, part of S. Ravi Tam's book; page 131.

Kathryn Wheeler

A resident of Mar Vista since 1978, Kathryn has lived in all but one Zone. She has been a renter and a home owner. At one point, she was a day away from becoming homeless. She accredits avoiding that fate to her friends and neighbors of the Mar Vista community.

Through the years, she continually observes Mar Vista residents being generous and selfless to a fault. The community also concerns itself with those outside their borders and homes by working tirelessly to make a safer and greener world.

She has owned and operated a limousine business, she has married, had children, and has owned two other smaller businesses (i.e., consulting firm and photography). For over fifteen years, she cared for her mother and grandparents. She has been active in the community with co-hosting block parties, setting up a neighborhood watch, serving two terms as President of Mother of Preschoolers (MOPS), and currently, serves on the board of the Mar Vista Neighborhood Association (NA for Zone 4).

Since the beginning of 2019, Kathryn has attended every MVCC meeting, subcommittee meeting and ad hoc meeting (save those that met at the same time and her daughter's graduation ceremony) to volunteer, learn about the process, develop a working relationship with City representatives, engage the public, and resolve neighbors' issues. She has worked with Council District 11, Departments of City Planning and Transportation to resolve traffic issues raised by neighbors in Mar Vista. To date, each incident has had a satisfactory resolution for her neighbors.

Kathryn considers communication the key element to resolving issues and getting things done. In that spirit, she tirelessly worked to ensure the production and distribution of the 2019 MVCC Election Newsletter as well as the election lawn signs. Additionally, she was instrumental in coordinating the Department of City Planning's "Walking Tour" for Mar Vista and contributed materials into the "Initial Input Document” as well as formatted the entire “document in a highly professional way” for the MVCC Community Plan Committee's submission to the Department of City Planning. This committee and its initial document forms the foundation for the final document that will affect Mar Vista's zoning codes (i.e., what can and cannot be built here) over the next decade. Kathryn recommends that all stakeholders provide input, assist, and attend these important meetings to ensure that Mar Vista's future zoning codes are compatible with the vision stakeholders have for Mar Vista.

If she is able to do all of that as a volunteer in five short months, imagine what she will accomplish as an At-Large Director over the next two years!

By running for an At-Large Director position of the Mar Vista Community Council, she desires to diligently work to give back to the community that has helped her and join with all to preserve the best of Mar Vista while moving Mar Vista in the direction that you want it to go.

If I am honored to become a director of MVCC, I promise to serve you and the Mar Vista community to the best of my abilities.

Click here to read an excellent book on the history of Mar Vista - Distant Vistas: Exploring the Historic Neighborhood of Mar Vista by S. Ravi Tam.


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Please, let me hear from you; whether you need help with the City, have questions, concerns, or you just want to talk. Additionally, you may find me at a MVCC committee (and subcommittee) meeting. Click here for the MVCC Calendar. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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