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Last Update: September 13, 2019, 2:40pm

Dear Mar Vista Neighbor,

Thank you everyone for all of your support in doing something about this out-of-place project at Charnock & McLaughlin. See the project plans.

More than 145 of your Mar Vista neighbors voiced their opposition to the Department of City Planning (DCP) regarding the construction of this 4.5 story high building with 6 Townhouses on the southwest corner of Charnock and McLaughlin.

In a 21 page "Letter of Determination", the DCP approved this project; fortunately, it is subject to appeals to the Planning Commission. A group of us has filed an appeal. The project does not comply with city guidelines in various respects, and creates dangerous traffic safety issues at that corner and in Mar Vista. LA City Councilman Mike Bonin agrees with us, read his letter.

During the past week, roughly 50 neighbors sent emails to the Board of Directors on the Mar Vista Community Council supporting our Stakeholder Motion Submission (i.e., our appeal), and more than 75 people attended their Tuesday (9/10) evening meeting.

Due to your efforts, the Board voted unanimously to approve the Stakeholder Motion and strongly supports our appeal to the West Los Angeles Planning Commission. We are hopeful that their support of our position (i.e., oppose the project), in addition to Councilman Bonin’s opposition to the project, will help us convince the Planning Commission to send the developer back to the drawing board.

This is no time to stop.


1) Attend the City Planning Commission appeal hearing in WLA this October- tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2019, at 4:30pm.

2) Forward and share this message with your neighbors and friends as this involves them too. Or, ask that they visit the website to be a part of this decision-making process. It will affect the future of the Mar Vista Community and everyone who visits.

Thank you for helping.

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About the Developer: Futterman

Things you should know about the building...

MailPoet Image Building

6 Condos, 4+ Stories

Each Townhome will be excessively taller than any other building in this residential area--more than four stories high with an additional rooftop area, towering over single-family homes; likely selling >$1 mil
MailPoet Image Truck

6 Short Driveways

Cars parked in these driveways will block the sidewalk along Charnock; making them inaccessible to the disabled, dog walkers, & other neighbors. Imagine when these cars leave the garages to enter onto Charnock.
MailPoet Image Traffic

More Congestion

This project further complicates traffic at this overly-congested intersection. There have been numerous recent accidents here, including a death, and this project will only make the situation worse!
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