11700-11706 West Charnock Road

DENY CASE# VTT-82166-SL, 11700-11706 West Charnock Road

Dear Zoning Administrator, Nick Hendricks and City Officials:

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Why a Petition?

You have reached this website because you wish to stop the construction, as currently submitted, due to the detrimental impact this project will forever have on people’s lives and your neighborhood. The City is not required to approve this application which is in conflict with its own guidelines designed to protect neighborhoods, residents, stakeholders, and especially because it is demonstrated that its fulfillment will unreasonably diminish the quality of life in the neighborhood. Any development should enhance residents’ lives, not merely the developer’s wallet. This one falls far short. We need to let the City know to DENY this current project.

You may edit, delete, and change any portion of the petition–make it your own! We need you to sign the above petition now! Every adult should sign this petition, regardless if the stakeholder address is the same. All that is needed is a different email address.

Again, you may read and edit the petition as you wish; simply click on the “Read or Edit Petition” button. Once submitted/signed, a copy of the petition will go to the Associate Zoning Administrator (i.e., Nick Hendricks), Staff Contact, CD11’s office, and Tom Ponton. Petitions signed from this website will be resent to the Associate Zoning Administrator on the 21st to ensure that they were received. You will not be contacted unless you check the box for updates.

 Please Sign and Share with Other Stakeholders Now!

Thank you, neighbor!

Proposed Project at the corner of Charnock Road and McLaughlin Blvd.

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